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The Home of Archery in Kent

Trophy Sponsorship

Barebow archer from SCCA at National Championship.
Photo by: Adam Kenyon.

Over the past few years the number of barebow archers taking part in competitions throughout the county has steadily increased. The archers are as dedicated and competitive as any other bow type and as a county we have a proven track record in barebow with National Champions, both as junior and senior. Up to now, however, barebow archers have not received trophies at the county's Outdoor Championship.

This year, as part of Kent Archery Association's drive to develop all forms of archery, as well as the archers themselves, barebow archery has been given County Championship status. As such, Kent Archery Association wishes to award trophies for all the barebow categories. With this in mind, we are asking for donations of £50 from clubs, companies or individuals to enable us to purchase a set of trophies of a standard fitting to a County Championship. Each trophy will bear the name of the sponsor and will be presented annually at the County Outdoor Championship, and a result sheet and press release will be circulated to the local papers. We currently need 12 new trophies.

Anyone interested in contributing to this opportunity in Kent or who has any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Lisa Kenyon, the tournament organiser.

KAA Tournaments - 2014

The 'Kent FITA' is back, now with UK and World Record and World Archery Star status and known as the Kent 'World Archery Star' Tournament. For more information, please see the announcement in 'Current News'.

Upcoming Events:
County Invitation:Sunday, 04 May 2014Vigo RFC groundBy invitation only
Longbow Championship:Sunday, 18 May 2014Vigo RFC groundDetails & entry form
WA Star Tournament:Sunday, 22 June 2014Vigo RFC groundDetails & entry form
Para-Archery Championship:Saturday, 26 July 2014Sittingbourne Community CollegeDetails & entry form
Target Championship:Sunday, 17 August 2014Vigo RFC groundDetails & entry form
Clout Championship:Sunday, 14 September 2014RamsgateDetails & entry form
Indoor Championship:Sunday, 09 November 2014TenterdenEntry form available in mid 2014.

You want to take up Archery?

If you haven't done archery before, or have only tried it in a "taster session" at school or on holiday, and now you want to do it for real, then follow these four easy steps:

  1. Take a look at the "New Members" section on our FAQ page;
  2. Read through our short Introduction to Finding a Club;
  3. Look for a convenient club using our Interactive Club Map;
  4. Use the contact details provided to contact the club direct for details of beginners' courses.

Remember don't buy any archery equipment until you have finished the beginners' course - use of basic equipment is included in the price of the beginners' course. Once you know that archery is for you, your new club will give advice and help you select the bow, arrows and other bits and pieces that will suit you and your budget.

If you are disabled or visually impaired, it is still likely that you will be able to shoot; some clubs are specialists in helping people with disabilities and a number of others have a lot of experience to call on - these are specially marked in the Interactive Club Map and Club List. However, please bear in mind that not all clubs will feel qualified to work with all types of disability, so please call them and discuss your particular needs and they will do everything they can to help.

The Kent Archery Association is the county governing body for archery in Kent; it is a 'Not for Profit' organisation affiliated to: