Thank You, from Lynne Evans

Dear All

This is a sincere thank you, and congratulations on delivering a truly wonderful and memorable event, The Archery World Cup in Dover. The feedback from many who attended and those who followed events on the web-sites has been extremely positive.

There is always something to learn from events such as this, and indeed for many of us the debrief process is already underway; please feel free to respond to this email directly to me, your confidentiality will be respected, your views collated which will form part of the final analysis. Please also pass this email to any of your volunteers within your Section; I know I don't have all the emails of those who were part of the event in one way or another.

The time-scales for staging such an event were very tight indeed which added to the challenge, but even through some of the more demanding moments in the depths of winter, everyone kept faith with the main objective to deliver the best World Cup for FITA / Meteksan, for the UK and the archers of Team GB; and for our Partners SEEDA, Kent CC, Dover Town & Dover District Council, and of course UK Sport, and our sponsors too! From that success and investment, much will flow, and we already know of the innovative legacy through sports development (CIF) in Kent for the next 3 years........ check out the programme and the web-sites.

On a personal note, there were many times, especially in the past week when I felt very humble indeed by the commitment and dedication by so many of you, the skills and inventiveness normally hidden from view by a lap-top or bow case, it really was one of the best events I have ever been involved with - thank you for a great job well done!

Thank you!

Lynne A Evans MBE,
Chairman Event Management Board
Chairman GNAS Board of Directors