General Meetings of the Association

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Kent Archery Association (KAA) will be held on Sunday 18 November 2007 at the Village Hall, Malthouse Road, Stansted, Kent. This year there will also be an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to discuss the proposed new constitution and to vote on whether to accept it.

Notifications have already been sent out to all club secretaries and individual members.

Please remember that only current members of the KAA are entitled to attend and contribute to discussions and that only senior members are permitted to vote.

Extraordinary General Meeting

This meeting will start at 2:00 p.m. and the only matter on the agenda is the proposed new constitution.

The existing constitution includes a number of anomalies and inconsistencies (some of them serious) which we are seeking to correct, but just as important are changes to the committee structure to allow the Association to act more quickly, when problems or opportunities arise in the future. The number of changes is too great to submit each to the vote separately, so the new constitution will be presented as a complete document.

Please come along to the meeting to hear more detail about these changes and why they are so necessary and just as important, please read the new constitution ahead of the meeting:

  • you might spot a problem, that the committee has not anticipated - it would be much easier to sort out a solution in advance, rather than during the meeting;
  • it will not be practical to go through whole document clause by clause at the meeting, although there will be opportunity to answer any specific questions you have.

The new Constitution is available here for download as a PDF document. (version later updated)

The new Constitution also refers to three additional documents, each of which represent the current position on their particular subject matter. These do not require acceptance at the meeting, but are supplied here for information:

Annual General Meeting

The AGM will follow as soon as possible after the end of the EGM, so it is not possible to give an exact start time.

If the new constitution is accepted, the AGM will follow a slightly revised agenda. In this case "Any Other Business" will no longer be

d as a part of the AGM, but once that meeting is closed, there will be an opportunity to raise any important subjects for discussion - these will be minuted and taken forward for action, as appropriate.

Don't forget that every position on the KAA committee is up for election and nominations are needed. If you feel that we are not meeting your needs, then this is your opportunity to stand for election to the committee. But don't wait until the meeting itself - nominations will only be accepted from the floor of the meeting for positions for which no nominations are received in advance.

The KAA is changing, with a much greater emphasis on development of the sport, so it is very important that you make your voice heard to make sure we are on the right path to help your club. So please try and attend - or at least make sure that your club is represented.