Extraordinary General Meeting

The committee has called an EGM to discuss and hopefully approve the new constitution. The meeting will be held on Wednesday 13 August 2008 at 7:30 pm in the clubhouse of Medway Archers. Official notification has now been sent to every club secretary and individual member.

A map of the area can be found here.

It has been said by some of its members that the KAA does not do enough to help its members or clubs. While a lot of work has been done during the last year and a half to improve some of its activities, we have only started scratching the surface. However, it is extremely difficult to make enough of a difference, based simply on committee meetings every couple of months.

And that is why the new constitution is vital - apart from sorting out a number of anomalies in the old version, its main purpose is to provide a new committee framework that will allow the Association to act much more quickly - to provide information and development help to clubs and members and to react quickly to opportunities as they arise.

It was extremely difficult last year to arrange details of the AGM without knowing which constitution would be in force for the meeting - this year the problems would be greater because of some of the improvements that have been made since. That is why the meeting has been called at this time. We recognise that some members will be on their holidays and so will not be able to attend and others who work may find it difficult, but we do ask that every club should endeavour to send at least one representative.

Remember that if we do not get a quorum at the meeting, the new constitution will not be approved and change will remain painfully slow.

If time permits after the EGM is finished, there will be an opportunity for informal discussion about what you believe the Association needs to do and what it can/should be able to do for you. This will help us to plan our development priorities.

The new Constitution is available here for download as a PDF document.

The new Constitution also refers to three additional documents, each of which represent the current position on their particular subject matter. The Championships and Tournaments Policy has now been expanded to give more information - in particular, what happens if the advertised round cannot be completed. These do not require acceptance at the EGM, but are supplied here for information and to invite comment: