Adam Kenyon Receives the GNAS President's Medal from SCAS

Last year GNAS celebrated its 150th anniversary and one of the ways in which it did so, was to have 150 medals made - The President's Medals. All clubs, county associations and regional associations were able to apply for a medal and decide just what they would award it for - for example for a fantastic shooting result or for an outstanding volunteer.

SCAS applied for and received a medal; the winner was announced at yesterday's council meeting and the medal went to Adam Kenyon of Crown Archers. Unfortunately it was not possible to present the medal - that will follow in due course.

Presentation to Adam Kenyon. Robyn-Marie Kenyon.

Adam Kenyon with his certificate from the KAA and some of the students he has coached at Sittingbourne Community College.

Bob Beaney (Kent Archery Association Chairman and SCAS Representative presented Adam with a certificate from the KAA at a short ceremony at Sittingbourne Community College (SCC), attended by many of the students Adam has taught, the disabled archer for whom he helped develop an artificial hand to shoot with, the local leader of the MS group, the college Principal, Mike Brighton (KAA President and ArcheryGB Vice-President), and Trish Lovell (ArcheryGB President).

Stephanie Kenyon provided the following brief summary of some of the things Adam has been up to:

Archery is a sport where volunteering is essential for certain things to take place; when time has been given by an individual for a long period of time, this volunteering cannot go unnoticed and unrewarded.

The Southern Counties Archery Society has awarded the GNAS President's Medal to Adam Kenyon, a truly remarkable volunteer who not only has been shooting for only 10 years, but has been volunteering most of it. In itself this may not seem as incredible as it is, but the multitude of things that he has achieved through this time is truly outstanding.

He is the founder member and head coach for the Sittingbourne Community College Archers, and his Juniors have achieved highly at both County and national level, culminating at the 2011 Outdoor National Championships where they took the Under 16 1st and 2nd Lady Barebow trophy and medal, the Under 14 Boys 1st Longbow trophy, and many more. As well as this, the club now holds many County records for Barebow and Longbow.

Not only does he volunteer for the school, Sittingbourne Community College (SCC), he is also one of the volunteers at the Kent County Show to enable people of all ages to come and take a shot, literally! As well as the County Show, he also volunteers for Doddington Place Gardens on multiple occasions for the same cause, and other places within and outside of the County.

Adam also organises and runs the Kent Archery Association's Disability Tournament at SCC, attracting entries from across the County and beyond. With the help of his family and friends, he puts together an extremely enjoyable day for all who are involved. Another string to his bow, Adam was the Field Manager for the very successful combined SCAS Inter-County Team Championship in September 2011.

Nominated by KAA, Adam is a credit to the sport of archery, and we could think of no one better to be awarded this medal this year, mainly as a thank you for all the work that he has done already, and the things that he continues doing today.