KAA Policy Changes

The KAA Operational Committee has approved changes to three key policies, all of which take effect immediately. All three are now available for download and copies are being sent to club secretaries and direct members.

The following is a brief summary of the changes:

  • Championships and Tournaments:
    • a tidy-up to avoid repeating text that is common to all the following sections;
    • to change the name of Disabled/Disability archery to "Para-Archery";
    • changes to certain names following decisions at the 2013 World Archery Congress (see below);
    • to grant county championship status for Recurve Barebow;
    • to grant county championship status for the Disability/Para-Archery Tournament;
    • reintroduction of the "FITA" tournament due to membership demand - in future it will be known as the 'WA 1440 Tournament';
    • the section that differentiated between 'managed' and 'delegated' events has been greatly simplified and in future a Tournament Organiser will be elected at the AGM for all tournaments, even if they are delegated to a club to run them.
  • County Records:
    • emphasis that rounds shot on club target days will only be acceptable for county records if:
      • those club target days comply with the ArcheryGB Rules of Shooting;
      • the club official, who countersigns the claim, has actually witnessed that the round was shot and scored in accordance with the Rules of Shooting.
    • metric distance records will in future be recognised when shot as part of a 6- or 12-dozen round (previously only 12-dozen rounds) to bring into line with ArcheryGB;
    • clearer separation of the approval process and dispute resolution process.
  • Score Returns and Team Selection:
    • changes to the thresholds for providing score returns to the county Records Officer to keep them in line with current shooting standards and the requirements for selecting county teams.

The proposed explanation in the Championships and Tournaments Policy of how GNAS Law 20 affects county tournament entries has been omitted; instead it will be

d in future tournament entry forms as they become available.

Following a decision at their 2013 Congress, World Archery will shortly stop using the "FITA" name entirely. This means that awards and rounds that include the old name will be renamed; we will normally also prefix the names of World Archery rounds with "World Archery" to improve clarity.

These changes have been made in the policies above and in due course they will also be reflected in records booklets and records shown on the website.

Old NameNew Name
FITA Round1440 Round
FITA Star (award)World Archery Star
FITA Arrowhead (award)World Archery Badge