Changes to County Records

Website Improvements

We are pleased to announce that the records section of the website has been redeveloped to:

  • include all the records that existed at the end of 2006 (when the new-style booklets were introduced),
  • identify current records,
  • allow selection, based on any combination of characteristics,
  • include comprehensive 'help' information.

It is very important to understand that the database only includes records actually approved and that selections will not show rounds (or even whole categories) for which no successful claim has yet been received; for this information, you will still have to refer to the records booklets (which also remain the official list of records held and those that are available for future claims).

We have also retained the option to automatically select with one click all the records approved so far during the current year, or during the whole of the previous year - earlier years can still be accessed, but you will need to use the selection form.

This also has the added bonus that we can now reduce the length of the main menu, so that the whole of "Hall of Fame" can now be accessed on smaller mobile devices!

Changes to Round Names

World Archery will shortly stop using the "FITA" name entirely and a number of rounds that include the old name will be renamed. We will normally also prefix the names of World Archery rounds with "World Archery" (or its abbreviation, "WA") to improve clarity.

These changes were made to relevant policies a few weeks ago and now the county records have been updated with the new names - but please note that only the most recent edition of each affected records booklet has been updated.

Rounds Renamed:
DisciplineOld NameNew Name
Target Archery (Outdoors)FITA GWA 1440 G
Target Archery (Outdoors)FITA LWA 1440 L
Target Archery (Outdoors)FITA Cadet GWA 1440 Cadet G
Target Archery (Outdoors)FITA Cadet LWA 1440 Cadet L
Target Archery (Outdoors)70m RoundWA 70m Recurve
Target Archery (Outdoors)60m Masters/Cadet RoundWA 60m Masters/Cadet Recurve
Target Archery (Outdoors)50m RoundWA 50m Compound
Target Archery (Indoors)FITA 18WA 18m Indoor
Target Archery (Indoors)FITA 25WA 25m Indoor
Target Archery (Indoors)FITA CombinedWA Combined Indoor
Field ArcheryFITA 24 MarkedWA 24 Marked
Field ArcheryFITA 24 UnmarkedWA 24 Unmarked
Field ArcheryFITA 24 Combined (24u/m + 24m)WA 24 Combined (24u/m + 24m)
Field ArcheryFITA 28 MixedWA 28 Mixed
Field ArcheryFITA 28 MarkedWA 28 Marked
Field ArcheryFITA 28 UnmarkedWA 28 Unmarked
Field ArcheryFITA 28 Combined (28u/m + 28m)WA 28 Combined (28u/m + 28m)