Wright Shield

Wright Shield
DescriptionWooden Shield with polished metal boss and mini-shields.
Presented atKent Target Championship & Open Tournament.
Presented toKent married couple, both shooting compound, with the highest combined score.
QualificationNo longer awarded.
First Awarded1988
OriginPresented by Tom and Mrs. Jeanette Wright of Medway Archers.
Status31 Aug 2013: Retired as part of the on-going review and simplification of awards.
Previous Use

31 Aug 2013: While originally envisaged as encouraging family participation, there are now significant legal and cultural issues with the award criteria. It has also become commonplace in recent years, that nobody or only one couple fulfil the award criteria, so there is no effective competition for the award.

1988 - 2013Open only to members of the Kent Archery Association.
Open only to:
  • senior ladies shooting the Hereford round with the compound bow and
  • senior gentlemen shooting the York round with the compound bow.
Couples do not require nomination or entry for the award in advance.